How to Keep Sweatshirts Soft (Even After Washing) – A Comprehensive Guide

How to Keep Sweatshirts Soft

Nothing beats the cozy feeling of slipping into a heavyweight cotton hoodie—comfy, warm, and soft. It’s that awesome piece in your closet you can’t wait to get into, especially when it’s cold out or you’re just chilling at home. But the struggle is real when that fave sweatshirt starts getting less soft. Have you ever wondered how to keep your hoodies feeling like a hug, even after a bunch of washes? You’re not alone. A lot of us have trouble keeping that first-time softness, only to see our go-to hoodies get scratchier and more worn out over time.

Good news, though, is you can do things to keep—or even bring back—that ‘just-bought-it’ feeling. This guide is packed with killer advice on keeping your hoodies cuddle-worthy for many more lazy days and nights.

Wash Them Less Often

First up, the easiest and biggest game-changer for keeping your hoodies soft is don’t wash them all the time. You might think washing it a lot keeps it clean and fresh, but actually, the opposite is true. Overdoing it in the wash messes up the material, making your hoodie lose its natural softness. Lots of folks get it wrong, thinking that stuff like hoodies needs to be washed all the time. But actually, they don’t. Hoodies usually go over other clothes, so they’re less likely to soak up sweat or smells compared to, say, a t-shirt. So, washing them on the reg is not needed.

Every time you throw that hoodie in the wash, the spinning and sloshing messes with the fabric’s threads. Keep washing it and those threads start to get loose and might even come out completely. That’s what makes the hoodie feel rough, scratchy, and eventually threadbare. The basic rule is to wash it only when it looks dirty or starts to stink. Depending on what you’re up to, you can wear it a few times before it needs a proper wash. You’d be amazed how clean your hoodie can stay without washing it like crazy. Did you spot a small stain or something? A bit of spot-cleaning works wonders. This way, you keep it clean without putting it through the wringer with a full wash.

Use a Chill Detergent

How to Keep Sweatshirts Soft
Chill Detergent

When it comes to keeping your hoodies soft, picking the right soap matters a lot. With so many laundry soaps out there, it’s easy to just grab one because it’s cheap or smells good. But doing that could ruin the fabric of your beloved hoodie.

A lot of regular detergents can be way too harsh on soft fabrics like hoodies. These heavy-duty soaps often have strong chemicals that strip away the oils that make the fabric soft. Chill detergents are all about cleaning without the harshness. They usually have only stuff that lifts dirt and grease, instead of gnarly chemicals that mess with the fabric. Plus, they’re usually pH-balanced and might even be unscented, which is great for sensitive skin and delicate fabrics.

When you’re out buying laundry soap, look for ones that say ‘mild’ or ‘gentle’ on the label. And steer clear of any bleach or other harsh stuff that could mess up your hoodie’s softness. Once you’ve snagged a good mild detergent, make sure you use it like the directions say. Even mild soap can mess things up if you use too much. Going for a gentle detergent is an easy but effective way to keep your hoodie’s comfiness going strong. You’re not just keeping it soft but also being skin-friendly and responsible with your laundry game.

Wash Them in Cold Water

The water temp you use to clean your hoodie is a big deal for keeping it soft. You might wanna go for warm or hot water for that super-clean vibe, but that’s a bad move for how soft and sturdy your hoodie stays.

Hot water doesn’t just clean; it messes with and stretches out the threads in your hoodie. This roughs them up and makes them not as soft. Hot water pulls out the natural oils, making your hoodie lose that cuddly feeling we all dig. Going with cold water has some sweet perks. It not only keeps the fabric soft but also saves on energy. Most of the energy used by your washer goes into heating the water. So, washing in the cold is good for the planet and your wallet. Cold water is less likely to make your hoodie shrink or fade and can even keep wrinkles at bay. That’s less time and money on ironing. If your hoodie is cotton or a cotton mix, cold water is perfect for keeping it the way it was when you bought it.

If you wanna go all out for your hoodie and the earth, think about hand-washing it. Just let it hang out in a tub with a little soap and cold water for like 20 minutes, then rinse. Hand washing is easy on the fabric, so it stays soft. And hey, always peek at the care tag on your hoodie before washing. That tag’s got some handy info like what water temp is best, which helps keep your hoodie in tip-top shape.

Flip Them Inside Out Before Washing

When you’re trying to keep your hoodies soft, sometimes the easiest hacks make the biggest difference. Like turning your hoodie inside out before chucking it in the washer. This small move has some real benefits for keeping it soft, colorful, and all-around awesome.

How to Keep Sweatshirts Soft
Flip Your Tee Inside Out Before Washing

The outside of a hoodie is usually softer and more delicate than the inside. It often has soft loops that make it feel plush. Turning it inside out protects these loops from the washer’s spinning and rubbing against other clothes. This easy step helps keep your hoodie soft, but it also helps keep the color bright. The outside doesn’t fade as much when it’s flipped inside out, especially if you’re washing in cold water like we talked about earlier.

Before tossing your hoodie in the washer, zip it up to avoid any snags with other clothes. Got a drawstring? Tie it up so it doesn’t slip out while washing. These tiny moves help keep your hoodie looking and working great. While it’s key to flip your hoodie inside out, it’s just as important to watch what you wash it with. Stick with similar fabrics and clothes to make sure everything gets washed the same. Separate darks from lights, and try to wash hoodies with other sturdy stuff, rather than throwing them in with underwear or delicate items.

Air Dry Them

When it comes to figuring out how to keep hoodies soft, drying them is just as key as washing them. You might want to chuck your comfy gear into a dryer, thinking it’s a fast and easy way to finish the job. But heads up—using a dryer, especially on high heat, can mess up the quality of your hoodie, making it rough and stiff over time. So what’s plan B? Air drying.

You might not know that your tumble dryer isn’t doing any favors for your fleece or cotton hoodie. High heat and fast spinning can wreck the fabric, causing fuzzballs, which make you lose that soft, cushy feel we all dig. And while dryer sheets smell awesome, they’ve got stuff in them that may not go well with your hoodie’s soft threads. Air drying takes more time, but it’s worth it in the end. Whether your hoodie is fleece, cotton, or a mix, air drying is your best move for keeping it soft. To air dry, you’ve got two solid options: laying your hoodie flat on a clean, dry towel, or hanging it up.

It’s super important to hang your hoodie the right way so it doesn’t get all stretched. Hanging it by the shoulders is a total no-go. Instead, fold your hoodie in half and hang it by the bottom. This spreads out the weight better so it keeps its shape. If you’re short on time and wanna speed things up, roll your hoodie in a dry towel to soak up extra water before hanging it. This quick-dry trick is super helpful, especially with heavy stuff like fleece. If you’ve got a fleece hoodie, air drying is super important. Fleece is this synthetic fabric that’s warm and snug but gets fuzzy and loses its softness with high heat. Always lay your fleece flat on a clean spot for drying, and skip clothespins or hangers that could stretch it out.

Skip the Fabric Softener

Fabric softeners claim to make your clothes super soft, so it’s tempting to dump some in the washer hoping your favorite hoodie will come out even softer. But this regular household stuff isn’t the magic fix it’s hyped up to be. Using fabric softeners can do more bad than good when you’re trying to keep your hoodies soft for the long haul.

Even if your hoodie feels softer right after using softener, don’t get tricked. Over time, these softeners can leave a waxy or oily film on your fabric. This layer, far from keeping your hoodie snuggly, will slowly make it feel less soft and could even mess up the fabric quality. Fabric softeners make your clothes feel smoother for a bit by sticking a thin layer of chemicals on the fibers. This can make your stuff feel softer quickly, but it messes with the fabric’s natural groove. For hoodies, especially thick cotton or fleece ones, this means you’re trading long-term softness for a quick but short-lived fix.

Before you get bummed about losing a quick softness fix, there’s good news. White vinegar is a natural and effective alternative to fabric softener. Adding a cup of white vinegar to your washer’s rinse cycle not only gets rid of soap leftovers but also keeps your hoodie soft and fresh, without any waxy junk. White vinegar isn’t just a rad fabric softener swap, it’s also a smell-killer and a light germ-killer. It’s a do-it-all solution that makes your hoodie not just softer, but also cleaner and fresher smelling.

To Wrap-up

So, to sum it up, taking good care of your hoodies makes sure they stay as soft and cozy as the first time you rocked them. From washing them less often to using gentle soap and air drying, every step counts. For unique, top-notch hoodies that make killer personalized gifts hit up Chipcy. Your comfort is worth the extra effort!

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